Our mission:


Our mission is to provide our customers with products, advice and services to meet their every need by bringing them the experience accumulated in the production of playground equipment and urban furniture as well as experiance obtained through years of field work.

Our products:  


TLF produces a wide range of wood and steel playground elements and we focus our design in construction of parks for disabled and able-bodied children. we also offer a wide range of outdoor/urban furniture products.


Timber lab uses a highly qualified technical and production staff with over 30 years of exepriance in the urban furniture and playground sector.


We provide flooring and gymnastic paths which are designed and built to integrate with the environment, according to current safety regulations.


Other products include benches, tables, compositions, baskets, flower boxes, showcases, huts, fences, products for decorating public squares and public parks, products for gardens and terraces, hospitals and airports.


The company is dedicated and committed to ensure the best standards of reliability, safety and quality throughout its range of products, starting from the choice of materials to the care of each phase of the entire production process, proposing both standardized products in series, or customized products.


All playgrounds are made in compliance with the uni en 1176/1177 standard on "safety equipment for playing areas"

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